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• Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Sandwich Roll-ups – Warm flour tortilla in the microwave. Spread approximately 2 tablesspoons Tonya’s Sun-Dried Tomato Gourmet Cheese Spread on each tortilla. Lay out a few slices of roast bef, sprinkle with¬† green onions and top with lettuce and more tomatos if you like. Roll up like a jelly roll, turn under the bottom edge. Gregory T. (Hanahan, SC)

Breakfast Idea¬†- Warm a corn tortilla in a skillet. Insead of using refried beans, cover the tortilla with Tonya’s Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Spread. In a separate skillet, fry 2 eggs (sunny side up). Put the eggs on top of the cheese spread and top with salsa. Mitchell W. St. Andrews Bi-Lo.